Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello Kitty Noir Palette

Hello all! It has been a while but I am making it a priority to get back to my beauty stuff and YouTube channel.

I thought I would write my latest blog about my most recent buy - the Hello Kitty Noir eyeshadow and lipgloss palette. I have fallen in love with it but I am going to write a critical review here about it wih the intention of doing a YouTube video to follow soon (as soon as I find that camera!!!)

Ok so the positives: great color selection, not glittery but a fair mix of soft shimmers and matte colors, all capable of doubling for soft daytime or dramatic night look. The pigmentation it actually much better than I expected, the deeper colors cover well particularly the bright blue. The lighter colors do need more on for effect but nothing out of the ordinary. The design of the box is cute, it's actually a tin which surprised me as I thought it was a palette with a flip up lid but really it's muh like a cookie tin lol. I don't actually mind it though since it does help when I have all my makeup out and I am pushed for space. As for the lipglosses I cannot say yet as I haven't experimented and generally I don like lipglosses in my palettes, I just gets annoying when powder from the shadows gets in there and it all gets a bit gloopy! I would rather the glosses be replaced with more shadows but you don't get everything you want! Lol

Cons, well there really are no major ones, more like my personal preferences really, such as more shadows less glosses etc. I would have liked the eyeshadow brush and lip brush to be separated into two brushes rather than having a double ended brush, I understand it is compact for the packaging but I would make the trade because two brushes is just less messy in the long run.

One the price front $34 at Sephora isn't bad in my books but for those of you that bought this hot off the press the price was much steeper - poor you. But look on the bright side you still got a fantastic product.

Overall initial rating: 8.5/10
Cuteness rating 10/10 lol

Enjoy, Peace&Love xJx

Pics of my personal palette and the result of my firs playtime with some of the colors below :) x