Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gotta Love the New Year Blues! Literally!

I said Blue literally!!!! :)

So are you hitting those new years eve parties??? Wondering what style to bring? Here is the low down!

* Get Glitzy!
----- It's new years eve and you have everyone to impress! Make sure you sparkle, hit up those silvers, metalics and shimmers - do not hold back!

** Colours for the evening: blues, purples, indigo, silver, white
----- These deep colours hug the shimmering silvers, lifting your complexion and making you glow. In the light of the fireworks you will be shimmering!

Makeup: You don't have to go cold! Pick out some warm purples! Brown eyed people get a little antsy about using blue shadows, so go to the purples, here are some great shades:::
Nars would be great for a purple-blue inbetweenie!

Hair: Loose locks, cute hair pins, bows and jeweled headbands.

Nails: As for those acrylics, try a blue to silver or clear fade, it will compliment your attire without being overly matched up. Alternatively simple french pink and whites with blue nail art and a few crystals to complete the look.

Crack out the CLUTCH!!! Yes it is the evening you have been waiting for to wear that fantastic clutch so go for it! Big or small it will be the perfect match to your new years eve vibe. Let it make a statement (and that means YES! It doesn't have to match!!!!)

Top right corner is mineeeee! :)

Where to draw the line: Accessories are very important but when going for the glam look one must be careful not to go OTT (over the top!) Drag is great but not what we are going for here! Look in the mirror and see if your overall look is balanced - from head to toe. The rule I use is "2-to-2": 2 Parts glam to 2 parts plain for example:  
                   1:crazy glittering shoes - 2:plain skirt, 1:lots of layered necklaces - 2:simple hair style no headband. 

Using this rule you will not go overboard but will maintain your partying glam style to its upmost!!!

Then if I haven't persuaded you enough with the fantastic colours of blue and purple there is always the Little Black Dress!!! But don't be so boring!!! Throw in some white, silver or other accessories to spice things up.

Love that grey dress!!!!!

Have a great time at your New Years Eve Party, show your style! Best Wishes for 2011, and Get Glitzy Gals!
Peace&Love x

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