Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is my first haul post, I will have a youtube video of this in the coming weeks, as well as the youtube slideshow of my new year nails, which I will link here to this blog!

So I will post this with pictures to start and explain prices and possible ideas I have for my new goodies! :)

Well my first package was from Hong Kong, so I put in the order in December but it always takes forever to receive and I paid extra for first class shipping and tracking.

First off is my new uv 9w lamp:
I got this for my uv sealer top coat, it was cheaper than the others on ebay etc., but I didn't need to buy an expensive OPI one since I am not using a gel system.
Naturally next was the uv sealer, I got 3 for about $7.00 but 2 broke in transit, so I'll be working on getting those replaced:

Tips! Not the ones that you get after a full set but the ones you need to stick on lol! I actually was a little disappointed with these as they came rounded and without a well, meaning I'll actually have to cut out a smile line or drill one in, which wastes more time, so I may just have to use these as spares and buy more. btw I got 500 in all 10 sizes.

Other tips! I just had to go all out and buy the crazy ones, I am a sucker for animal print so I got the zebra ones :) hoping to do something crazy with them, maybe some nail art and stuff! :) Also what I like about pre-printed tips is that if you want to speed up your sets you can just cover the whole nail with clear acrylic and the design part is already there, add some simple black, white or silver dots/lines/swirls and you are good to go. This can save a lot of time and afford, rather than cracking out the black and white acrylic and layers, and drilling the design out. So my zebras I got in 10 sizes and 70 count.
I got pearl white and as you can see there is no smile line - more work for me!!! grr!
Fun and Funky!!!!!!! Also they have a clear well and the black stripes overlap meaning the design  almost fades in. If the client wants a dramatic smile line rather than a fade I'd just drill out the clear to make a sharp smile.

Ok so next item up is the tip and art cases, I bought these super cheap at 30 cent for the small and 50 cent for the large. I got 3 small and 2 large.

Now for the fun stuff - Nail art and makeup!!!!!

*I got glitter hexagons in 12 colours! :) these are great for nail art and creating window effects on clear tips. Also I have a fav video on youtube, where this nail tech adds light pink ones to a regular pink and white set and it just looks fab! Gotta try that out.
**Also in the goodies I have dried flowers for that summer eau naturelle look! 
*** Recently from a new supply store locally I got these glitter stars that I used in my new years nails, I got this large pot for only $5.00!!! What a steal!
**** Yes, Yes, another rhinestone wheel with 7 colours! :)

These are actually iridescent, they have pink and green tones which look so nice under acrylic! 
Ok last but not least! FALSIESSSSSSSS :)

I couldn't resist, so I got 10 pairs, 5 full and 5 natural:


So this concludes my haul, I missed out a few items but when I do a vid I'll include them there (mainly regular supplies and sanitizing stuff).
Look out for new designs with these products!
Hope you enjoyed reading, check back soon! Get Glitzy Gals :)
Happy New Year, peace&love x

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  1. omg! j you are going to neeeed to do my nails in the Zebra ones!!!