Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY: HOLOGRAPHIC TOPCOAT for $2.49 WOW! (not spectraflair)

It's the time of year where you can crack out the crazy wigs, slap on the crazy makeup and even dress like a slut with no judgmental looks - HALLOWEEN.

With Halloween's arrival I cannot help but raid my local Walgreens/CVS (UK equivalent of Superdrug/Boots) for the latest crazy colored cosmetics: glitter, nail polish, lipstick, fake blood - I love it all!

One of the fab nail gals I follow on Instagram found a great glitter at Walgreens which does not bleed or change in topcoat. Naturally I was intrigued, and later she posted some great pictures of this holographic glitter. So off to Walgreens I went, and indeed, for $2.49 I found this amazing glitter. 

I rushed home and added the glitter to a new Color Club top coat I had in my stash. And voila it was great!!!

Now for those of you doing this at home, I have a few notes for you:
1. This glitter falls. It's fine but heavy, it isn't in suspension base, it's in a topcoat for don't be alarm when it sinks to the bottom.
2. I advise you use mixing balls, 2 of them in the bottle. It will assist in rigorously shaking up the sunken glitter. Mixing balls can be used from old polish bottles, or 2 small ball bearings.
3. Add as little or much of the powder as you like, but keep in mind that the more you put in the fuller the coverage and more likely it is to get clumpy. It's better to lean to the lighter side and just use 2 coats on a nail, than make the polish super overloaded with glitter.

PRODUCT: Fantasy Makers Confetti, Net wt. 5.4g, color 12500 Glitz
Found at: Walgreens (in Florida for sure)
Fantasy Makers is owned by Wet'n'Wild, so this should be found at stores where this brand is carried.
Other places it could be: CVS, Rite Aid, Halloween Stores, some grocery stores.

So I added it as an accent to my middle finger, this was two coats.

J x

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