Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reasons to Pee Your Pants over the New Zoya ORNATE Winter Collection!!!!

Zoya Ornate Holiday Winter Nail Polish Collection Image

Yes this is a yummy collection! Perfect for the season they have packed in the shimmers rich tones which will make this a must have 6 piece collection for my holiday season!

This is the link to the zoya site where you can enjoy their description and bimonthly discounts on the collection
So lets start with Electra! Wow this is an interesting polish! It is jammed packed with holographic microdiamond glitters so give a shimmering textured look to the nail. This is going to be perfect for holiday parties!

This is Ziv - Wow, such a rich metallic gold! A liquid metal base with tiny gold micro glitter is such to keep this a hit for the upcoming season! 

And for the sexy seductress in you, there is Storm. Wow this is a stunner! Its such a party, nightlife kinda polish, I certainly would be pulling this out all year round! A deep black creamy base with micro holographic glitter, its like a starry night sky on your nails!!! Ahhh gorgeous!!!!!

Aurora, Zoya describes this as plum purple, but it doesn't look like that to me. It is like a brighter, more purpley version of Zoya's Nova in my opinion, but with finer holographic glitter. It certainly looks like a full coverage glitter but I would love to see if the holo gives it different tones in daylight... this is one to watch for!

This is Logan - of course it wouldn't be a winter collection without a rich, stable green component, and Logan fulfills our needs for sure!!!! This is a gorgeous green which has depth to it. The gold counter-tones really enrich it but don't make it seem too glitzy. Zoya describes it as, "forest green with dense, foil-like yellow-gold and blue-green duochrome shimmer!" Well thank you Zoya with that statement you have completely won me over - this is a MUST HAVE.

Hats off to Zoya for quenching our desire for that perfect holiday Vampy delicious red! They gave us Blaze.... yes, Blaze. A gorgeous, deep, almost creme-jelly hybrid packed with micro glitter. Its glamorous without being too invasive, not over the top, perfectly fitting for the holiday season day or night. It is the perfect spokesperson or "spokespolish" ;P for this collection, and we are so mouthwateringly happy that Zoya threw this baby into the holiday season!!! 

Zoya has a scaling system of 1-5 for opaqueness, and classifies all of this collection as a 5 (full coverage, most opaque), except Electra which is a 4. Apparently Electra is just opaque enough for two coat coverage, but can also be used as a fun topcoat in 1 coat - this is great versatility, especially as we crack out our crazy holiday nail designs.  

I have ordered my collection sampler, so I'll post some pics when its in - very excited @#$%^!

If you want to check it out for yourself, go here >ZOYA<

J x

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