Monday, September 17, 2012

Confession 2: I CUT MY HAIR AGAIN!!!!

This is taken from my Instagram "crzytignails"

So my blogging and YouTube journey began a couple of years ago now with the big CHOP. Yes I cut a bunch of hair off and gave it to Locks of Love, you can watch the old video I did >here<

Well looking at the picture above it seems I am back to square one again, I've had a few trims since I did the video but nothing drastic, and honestly my hair GROWS fast! So yes, I was well over-due for a good hacking. I didn't make a video this time, just didn't have the time or effort, plus I'm still hunting for my camera gear since I moved its gone AWOL.

So now my hair is short, shorter than before, shorter than the video, and I like it. I gave me hair to Lock of Love again, which always makes it seem more worth while. I have virgin hair (never dyed) so it makes better for making wigs out of - honored to donate to such a worthy cause!

This is me now.... 

Sorry for the poor camera quality, iPhone's front camera sucks!

Yes it made me happy to get rid of the mop! 

J x

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