Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY: How-To Make Your Own Nail Polish Hair Bows!

Yours truly rocking my first homemade nail polish hair bow!

Made this one for my friend's 2 year old niece, went well with her
Minnie Mouse Birthday theme!

Today I have a "HOW-TO" posting for you, I am very excited to share this with you, it is super simple and super fun! Enjoy!

What you will need:
Bobby Pins (Any particular hair clip that you like, I use pins)
Hot Glue Gun
Glass pebbles
Top Coat

Part I: Polishing Your Pebbles
I got my pebbles from the dollar store, they're the type that people put in vases for decoration. Its important to get the clear ones with the flat bottom. Choose the polishes you want to use to paint your pebbles. REMEMBER: Paint polishes is the opposite of doing nails i.e: glitter first, then color polish second, then top coat. If you put the color on first the glitter won't show through, keep this in mind.

Paint each layer of your pebble, get creative with it, let each layer have time to dry in between, then put a good coat of Top Coat to seal it. (I like to do 2 coats of Top Coat, with plenty of drying time in between!)

Part II: Making your bow
Now there are thousands of blog tutorials and YouTube videos for many, many different bow designs, so go for it, get creative and try your hand at a variety of bows! I used a simple tuxedo style bow and a double bow, and I used my hot glue gun to make them, although if you're handy enough you could just sew them.

Part III: Connecting the parts!
I then used the hot glue gun to glue my pebble in the center of my bow. Allowed this to cool, and then glued the back of the bow to the bobby pin. Be careful because the pin is thin and the hot glue can easily burn your fingers at this point. Allow this to cool.

Voila! You now have your nail polish hair bow! 
Get Creative and Have Fun!!
J x

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