Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anti-redness Make-up Secrets!!!

Yes I am one of those wonderful people who suffer with redness. I have super sensitive skin an have been through a few rough sunburns which haven't helped. So as I share in the constant annoyance with countless others who can't seem to calm or cover the redness without caking on gallons of foundation, I feel compelled to share my successful secrets!

I have met others who have used corrective green tones and just haven't applied it right therefore look like they are walking around with seasickness lol. For years the thought of looking green faced baffled me and made me not try that route. Eventually I came across L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-redness Primer and thought I'd give it a go. I did and I got results.

The key to this product is the application. It does not need to be this like foundation and it should not be applied all over the face, just where the redness is. I have taken some pictures of how I apply this in hopes that it will give some guidance.

Pros of this product:
I like the consistency. It is fairly thin, spreads far and certainly dulls out the redness.

Cons of this product:
It has some brightening tones in it which means it may interfere with your foundation coverage if you like a super matte look.

So I apply it to my fingers then dot it over my red areas....

I like to rub the dots in, you will immediately see that the green tones down the redness, and then apply your foundation. I use Covergirl NatureLuxe, it isn't a full coverage, but if definitely works well for me, particularly with this primer.

I hope that this has helped someone, because redness can cause such frustration and self-esteem issues, hopefully finding products that help will increase your confidence and give you the healthy glow you desire!!!

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