Saturday, June 2, 2012

HOW -TO Do Diamond Jubilee Nails With A Summer Twist!!!!

In honour of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years of reign, we celebrate her Diamond Jubilee!

So although I would do anything to be there in my home country celebrating and waving flags, I have to celebrate from afar. So I start here with my nails...

I switched out the navy blue and red on the Union Jack for baby blue and hot pink!

Items Used
Sinful Colors - Cinderella - this is a gorrrrrrgeous blue with pink hued flecks, just drop dead gorg.
White and Pink stripers
Top Coat
(simple huh!)

  1. Ok so to do this I suggest you have everything you need ready. 
  2. Paint your base color - whatever it may be (don't be afraid to switch it up!)
  3. Then paint a fairly thin white "X" across the nail. Let it dry.
  4. Take your red/pink and paint a thinner line within the white one. Let it dry COMPLETELY!
  5. Get your white again and make a thick cross "+" through your current "X" (this will be roughly double the thickness of your white "X" lines) Seriously let it dry, it tends to be thicker and takes longer than the first lines you did.
  6. Finally, take your pink/red again and paint a cross "+" within your white one, making sure to leave a white border of the white "+"
  7. Let dry fully and add top coat, if you add a TC too early it will drag your design and mess it up (lesson learned!)

To all wonderful Brits, I hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend, and have a drink for me!!!!


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