Saturday, June 2, 2012

We Love To Play With Our Tips! lol

Alrighty then, so we love to play with our tip, we have French, American, Chevron, Gradient, Ombre etc. So I decided to play up my new hot summer orange for an elegant but seasonal look, with a 2-color chevron mani with hex accents.

Items Used
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - Sunset Orange (this is fairly translucent, almost a jelly)
Nicole By OPI - Not A Gold Bigger
Milani Jewel FX - Red
Color Club Top Coat
Dotting Tool

I prepped as for any normal mani, and buffed nails (get rid of any yellow or ridges). Applied a clear base coat, I use CND Stickey (I know its green but it goes on clear!). I then taped diagonally across the tip for the orange. I paint across the tip and edge of tape and then remove the tape and allow the orange to dry. I decided last minute that I would free-hand the gold and it turned out ok, I'm lucky. But in future I will just use the tape as I would a normal Chevron mani not a stripe and wish for the best :)
I then used a dotting tool to pick and apply red glitter hex from the Milani polish to the nail. I finished with a good coat of top coat and voila! I likey these ALOT!


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